Using Microsoft Dynamics CRM Workflow To Update a Field BEFORE The Value Is Changed

I wanted to update the below “Last Follow Up” custom date field with the previous “Follow Up By” value BEFORE the Follow Up By date was changed, in order to minimize the amount of clicks for Users. Here’s a quick blog on how to update a field with data from another field BEFORE the value is changed.


When creating your workflow, convert the workflow to a “real-time workflow”. Once you do this, the selections you will need with become available.


In the Start when section, select Before “Record fields change”, then select the field/fields you want the workflow to record the value of before it’s actually changed.


In the Workflow definition, check to see if the field you are triggering the Workflow off of contains data, then create a step to Update the record with the previous value.


This is what the update record step looks like in my example:


This is what the data looks like on the Lead after the Workflow ran. The Workflow changed the Last Follow Up Date to the 8/27/16 8:00am value that was in the Follow Up By field BEFORE that field was edited:


By Jessica Smith, Application Consultant, Dyn365Pros, Microsoft Partner focused exclusively on service, support and education for Dynamics CRM. San Diego, Southern California. To ensure CRM success for your organization, click here.