My Radio Station is GONE! Or, the New Reality of Digital Business

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A couple of weeks ago, my favorite sports talk radio station, that I listen to often, went off the air suddenly. I won’t get into the reasons, but it happened 25 minutes before my favorite show and was unexpected. I was bummed. An important thing to know in this story is that it was an AM station with the highest ratings and the strongest southern California signal.

Are they gone for good?

The station had already begun, with various levels of success, streaming their content on other mediums. That sentence embodies their new reality – “streaming” “other mediums” “content.” Their shows were available to listeners from their website, through Alexa and Google Home, streaming radio services, and they even had an app you could download and listen on your phone. Several personalities had podcasts, and it was evident the younger, tech-savvy employees had been taking the le