Redux: Formatting Basic Email Templates in Dynamics 365 for Sales

I posted a blog about Dynamics 365 email templates back in 2018. At that time, the tool in Dynamics was OK for sending emails that included simple text, personalization and a link--automated customer service messaging and the like. But the interface was crude, and you had to do some workarounds...

Dynamics 365 convert chat to customer service case
Connect Dynamics 365 Customer Service to a Chat Solution

Are you looking to connect Dynamics 365 for Customer Service to a chat solution? Website chat to customer service or sales is a typical business use case in the CRM game. Microsoft offers various options within the Power Platform such as Omnichannel, Virtual Agent, bots, etc. However, the additional licensing...

Dynamics 365 Customer Service Insights
Dynamics 365 Customer Service Insights

More and more, the differentiator that drives customer loyalty is service after the sale. Customer-driven organizations can greatly enhance their "traditional" agent-to-customer engagements with modern digital tools, such as artificial intelligence and business intelligence. For example, AI can automatically surface answers to customer questions, resolving customer service cases quicker --...

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Dynamics 365 Field Service — An Introduction

The majority of new clients come to us for CRM and sales automation. Either they've heard good things about Dynamics 365, or they've invested in the Microsoft cloud, or they are simply over their existing CRM. Thankfully, the level of awareness of Dynamics 365 sales and marketing apps has increased....

Microsoft Power BI
Microsoft Power BI – CRM/ERP Integration on 33¢ a Day

We talk to a lot of organizations evaluating CRM systems. The topic of integration comes up a lot. Integrating CRM with a separate ERP solution can be a project in and of itself, requiring a lot of hours and additional software. The most common business case I hear is, “We...

Dynamics 365 Voice of the Customer Surveys
Getting Started with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Voice of the Customer Surveys

What do customers like best about your goods or services? What percentage are willing to buy from you again? What are critical areas that need to be improved? What are customer priorities when shopping for your product category? In a competitive marketplace where it’s so easy to switch vendors or...

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Partner
The Cloud is the Future — The Future is Now

"Cloud is the future." "Move to the cloud now or fall behind." "Digital transformation requires a move to the cloud." "Moving to the cloud saves you money." Businesses have been thoroughly swamped with headlines berating them to move away from data centers and hardware, and move their operations to the...

Formatting Basic Email Templates in Dynamics 365
Formatting Basic Email Templates in Dynamics 365

Just about every client we work with looks to use Dynamics 365 email templates. There's a lot of utility and flexibility to take advantage of with Dynamics 365 email templates. Formatting the standard email templates is a wee bit tricky. But with a little training, you can quickly create handy templates...

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