Microsoft Flow
Power Automate – Not Just for Nerds

  If you’re not familiar with it, Microsoft Power Automate (formerly Flow) is a simple, powerful tool for creating automated workflows between apps and services, creating notifications, synchronizing files, building lists, creating Dynamics 365 records and more. I’m guessing 90% of the people that create flows are system admins, developers,...

Now select the record you want to collaborate on in Teams. For the sake of this blog, we’re going to use “Expressed interest in A. Datum X line of printers”.
Sales Collaboration Using Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Teams

Kudos to whoever is running the Microsoft Teams team. Teams is really taking off. Everyone in the partner community that I’ve talked to that is using it is pumped up about. We see clients adopting it. We’re even using it to help manage Dynamics 365 implementation projects with external organizations. One...

How to Add Names to Microsoft Dynamics 365 Marketing Lists Using Connections
How to Add Names to Microsoft Dynamics 365 Marketing Lists by Using Connections

Microsoft Dynamics 365 does not allow us to import Marketing List Members directly. If you have existing Contacts or Leads you want to add to a marketing list, follow the steps below to add the names to a Microsoft Dynamics 365 Marketing Lists by using Connections. Get Started To start...

Dynamics 365 — When to Use a Lead Record vs. Opportunity Record

I was doing a project review with a client the other day and was asked this question – “What is the difference between the Lead and Opportunity record types?”. This isn’t the first time I’ve heard that question from clients so I wanted to take a minute to do my...

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