Microsoft Dynamics GP to Dynamics CRM
Problem Solved: Managing Exchange Rates Between Dynamics GP and Dynamics CRM

Ever have one of those days? You know those days. The kind where you cannot find any useful documentation on given functionality, i.e., currency exchange rate in Microsoft Dynamics CRM or Dynamics 365? It happened to me just earlier this week. A client of ours pushes data from Microsoft Dynamics...

Customizing Dynamics 365 Forms
Customizing Dynamics 365 Forms Part 2 – An Opportunistic Example

In the first Elements of Style post regarding how to customize Dynamics 365 forms, I talked about developing your own style and preferences in form design so that you have one or more design approaches in your mental toolkit to make your form work more efficient. I shared some of my...

Dyn365Pros Microsoft Dynamics 365
Introducing Dyn365Pros!

We have some exciting news here at xRM³. We are rebranding with a new name and new logo. Introducing Dyn365Pros! The xRM³ team is now Dyn365Pros. Why the new name? As you probably heard, Microsoft Dynamics CRM was rebranded as Microsoft Dynamics 365. As certified Dynamics 365 Professionals, Dyn365Pros better reflects who...

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Security Error
Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online Error – version 2016 Update

I recently discovered an odd Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online error. “Users cannot add privileges to or change access levels for roles to which they are assigned”.  I was working in version 2016 Update  (more…)

The 5 Most Exciting New Features in Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2016

We surveyed the xRM³ team and pulled together the 5 most exciting new features in Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2016. As a group, we are thrilled about Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2016 and are looking forward to showing you all the new stuff! Visit our website and request to be added to...

Improve Behavior of the Date Field in Microsoft Dynamics CRM

When was the last time you had a "behavior" problem with the date field in Microsoft Dynamics CRM? Well, for many of us the answer might be “recently”. Before the introduction of the "behavior" modifier for date fields, things could get a little confusing and problematic in certain situations. Let's...

Does Your CRM Data Resemble the Walking Dead?

You try to ignore it. You try to work around it. You tell yourself it wasn’t your fault. You blame it on the previous admin. You blame it on the old system. You hope it doesn’t destroy your reports. You pray it doesn’t devour your storage. You hope that you...

5 Keys to a Successful Dynamics CRM Discovery Session

Implementing, migrating, or upgrading Microsoft Dynamics CRM often requires the services of a certified CRM expert. A good Dynamics CRM partner will vastly increase the probability of a successful deployment. But there is also some work the client can do to ensure a positive result. Clients can help ensure a successful...

Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Office 365 – The Seller’s Total Solution

Microsoft has done an amazing job integrating Dynamics CRM 2015 Online and Office 365 to create the total end-to-end productivity solution for sellers. Now with Office 365 and Dynamics CRM Online Update 1, there are a bunch of new synergies that take sales productivity to a whole new level. (more…)

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