Microsoft Power BI
Sun Valley Solar Solutions Case Study: Transforming CRM Data to Business Intelligence

Sun Valley Solar Solutions helps Arizona’s home and business owners turn the state’s most abundant natural resource—sunlight—into immediate cost savings and a cleaner world. The Chandler, AZ company has earned top rankings and won numerous customer service awards. Challenge: Enhanced CRM reporting capabilities With any CRM, an organization is going...

Microsoft Power BI
Microsoft Power BI – CRM/ERP Integration on 33¢ a Day

We talk to a lot of organizations evaluating CRM systems. The topic of integration comes up a lot. Integrating CRM with a separate ERP solution can be a project in and of itself, requiring a lot of hours and additional software. The most common business case I hear is, “We...

Microsoft Dynamics 365 with Power Bi
Dynamics 365 with Power BI: Conditional Sales Pipeline Forecasts

One way Power BI makes an admin's or data analyst's life easier is by providing an alternative to having to deal with DAX expressions. We'll demonstrate by creating a basic measure based on conditions from another column. Let's use the example of a new sales pipeline report using Microsoft Dynamics...

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