Dynamics CRM Basics for Sales Professionals: 4 Sales Records You’ll Use the Most

If you're like most Sales professionals, you don't aspire to be a Dynamics CRM expert. You want to know enough to keep the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system working for you, i.e., help you stay organized and close more sales. Understanding basic CRM concepts will help you get up to...

7 Signs You Need a New CRM System

Despite all the end user pain, constant complaints, and a lot of insightful research on a new CRM system, you have delayed the decision to switch due to the usual reasons — time and money. Any of the following scenarios sound familiar to you? (more…)

What Does Your Sales Team Know?

The phone call started like this— Caller: "Hi Ken, I'm <her name is redacted to protect the innocent> and I'm your new account executive. Do you have a minute? I want to share with you all the great new stuff we have going on this year." Sound familiar? (more…)

Clean Data is Hard

Clean data is hard. Starting with it, maintaining it, and living with it. Having clean data can be the difference between a successful business application implementation and one that struggles. (more…)

Making Connections and Closing Sales: Microsoft Dynamics CRM with Social Insights

It's no secret that controlling the sales process has become more challenging. More often prospects rely on web resources and the opinion of peers in making purchasing decisions. Absent the opportunity to establish one’s unique value proposition, the differentiator becomes price. The logical extension of this scenario is a price...

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