Customer Voice JumpStart
2-Day Workshop

Collect, analyze, and act on customer feedback in an easy-to-use, scalable solution

Capture the satisfaction and sentiment metrics you need to transform into a customer driven business.

Dynamics 365 Customer Voice:
Launch your customer experience initiative with a Customer Voice Workshop from Dyn365Pros.

This workshop provides training on Dynamics 365 Customer Voice in the context of your business and process. After completing the workshop you’ll have the knowledge to design, create, send, analyze and act upon professional looking surveys.


Customer Voice 2-Day Workshop

Pricing and features:
$ 3900 fixed fee
  • Customer Voice Fundamentals
  • Survey objectives, strategy, and planning
  • Branding, branching logic, and customization
  • Creating and sending surveys
  • Survey results and dashboards
  • Integration with Dynamics 365


Microsoft Dynamics 365 Fundamentals for Sales Professionals
Newly Revised and Updated for Unified Interface.

Prelude Prelude Version 2.3.2