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Start your CRM journey with a solid sales platform you can launch in as little as 2-4 weeks.

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You’re growing and it’s time for some organization, process, and structure. You have customer data scattered across notebooks, emails, laptops, and phones. You’re managing your business on spreadsheets. There’s no visibility into sales deals or sales activities.

Dyn365 JumpStart is for growing businesses that need a functional CRM system in place quickly and on a budget. Dyn365 JumpStart provides your team with a sales-ready CRM system—including configuration and training—in as little as 2 weeks. Dyn365 JumpStart isn’t a cookie-cutter program or hyped up videos and PDFs. You’ll work with a Microsoft certified Consultant with the knowledge and experience to build a solid CRM platform you’ll use to scale and grow.

How can Dyn365 JumpStart help you?

Dyn365 JumpStart includes:

  • A new cloud-based CRM system for your organization
  • A CRM natively integrated with Outlook, SharePoint and Teams
  • A structured sales process that produces consistent results
  • Customized forms and workflows that support your unique process
  • User training with Dynamics 365 best practices and your business in mind
  • A solid-solution platform to build on for the future


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After you go live, choose the support program that will keep your system and users operating at the highest level.

Dyn365 JumpStart is provided for a fixed fee of $4,950. Software license fees are extra. Any services beyond the scope of Dyn365 JumpStart are provided on a time and materials basis.

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Microsoft Dynamics 365 Fundamentals for Sales Professionals
Newly Revised and Updated for Unified Interface.

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